Friday, August 13, 2010

Kimberly Point Lighthouse

Kimberly Point Lighthouse, originally uploaded by THEjdawg.

In 1929, Mrs. Helen Kimberly Stuart (of Kimberly-Clark fame, makers of Kleenex brand tissue) donated land to the city of Neenah which was named Kimberly Point Park.

In 1944 Mr. J. C. Kimberly (also of Kimberly-Clark fame) realized there was the need of a light for boaters to mark the entrance to the river. He donated the funds to have the lighthouse built. The lighthouse, which was also designed as a comfort station, cost $7500 to build. It was made of brick and Haydite block and rose 40 feet above the water and first began guiding boaters into Neenah Harbor in 1945.

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